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We specialize in weddings, birthday parties, live shows, hostel dances, matric farewells, corporate functions and many more.

There are three things that are of utmost importance to us at every event:

1. To deliver top quality service.
2. To use top quality sound and lighting equipment.
3. And most important, to give you value for your money.

We are accredited and licensed with SAMPRA (South African Music Performance Rights Association), which makes us 100% legal in the industry and will prevent any unnecessary legal issues at events where we perform.

DJ Pepe has been featured multiple times on the Afrikaans wedding program "Pasgetroud." 

Additional value is added to our services by offering the following to all our clients:

  • Professional DJ's.

  • Meeting the client before the wedding to discuss their unique music preferences.

  • Additional Sound Equipment when needed.

  • Live Entertainment when needed.

  • A top of the range cordless microphone for the speeches.

  • On-site Backup Equipment.

  • Contactable References.

  • Testimonials.

  • Extensive Industry Experience and assistance.

DJ Pepe also has international DJ experience as he was invited to DJ at a wedding in Scotland - October, 2019

We have also done numerous international weddings that include couples from:

America, Australia, Belgium, China, Canada, Czech Republic, Dubai, England, France, Germany, Greece, Ierland, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Portugal, Scotland, Spain and New Zealand.

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